Thursday, December 13, 2018

Allindiabazaar, an E-commerce platform to start and grow your online business at a economical price.

Allindiabazaar is a e-commerce platform, owned by United Web Enhancers Private Limited, an Indian company which has delivered IT solutions since 2005.

Allindiabazaar has been online since 2009, and it started as a classified site, where any user could upload 5 items for free, with photos.
Nine years later we are still here, and it is still possible to post FREE ads. In addition to the original FREE Features, allindiabazaar has undergone extensive updates since 2017.

Allindiabazaar now makes it possible for potential retail online sellers to get the same features as is offered by the large e-commerce sites.
In order to avail the e-commerce features the seller will have to pay a nominal upfront subscription fees of Rs 2599 for the 6 month plan, and Rs 8599 for the 12 month plan. All prices inclusive of GST.

How does Allindiabazaar differentiate itself from its competitors in the online e-commerce marketplace and comes out as the better choice - 
  1. No hidden costs and fees. Apart from the upfront subscription fees for the plan, Allindiabazaar does not charge any commissions nor additional fees from the seller, whereas other large-scale e-commerce platforms are charging 20 to 30% for every sale that you make on their platform. 
  2. Personalised on-boarding processes for every seller.
  3. Once on-boarded you will get an easy-to-set-up Allindiabazaar-Store. Which is your own personal online space to sell your products. You can choose between 12 themes for your Store, whose design can further be easily customised according to your preferences.
  4. With the Allindiabazaar-Store you will be offered a dedicated payment gateway which will send proceeds of your product sales directly to your own bank account (minus bank charges). In contrast, If you had your own website, you would have to pay setup fee for the Payment Gateway, integration and development costs for your website and maintenance charges.
  5. Allindiabazaar-Store will give you the possibility of putting your products on discounts. Discounts functionality is a subscriber only feature.
  6. Your Allindiabazaar-Store has a shopping cart, and an invoicing system which will have invoices for each order for both you and your buyer to see.
  7. Sellers wanting logistics services for their Store can avail it on Allindiabazaar.
So go sign up on Allindiabazaar. explore it, post few items and when you are ready you can purchase our subscription plans from our Pricing Page.

For more information write to us at [email protected]


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