Thursday, December 27, 2018

Allindiabazaar making online transactions safer.

In the continued efforts to make online shopping and selling safer and more secure, Allindiabazaar has integrated Safewebkey as a signing up and consequently logging in when using Allindiabazaar.

Safewebkey is based on the Scandinavian NEMID. This concept has, over the last 15 years, proved to be reliable, user-friendly and safe. Safewebkey is taking NEMID a step further as the Indian version additionally generates one time passwords in a mobile application.

Every Safewebkey user is verified using their Aadhar card and other personal details. So that every site having Safewebkey as a sign-in option can confirm the identity of the user logging in,
which greatly reduces the chances of fraudulent transactions.

The Safewebkey App is available In Apple Store and Google Play, and of-course through

Allindiabazaar is the first website to integrate Safewebkey.

The main features of Safewebkey are -
1. Internet Users can login on any Indian website offering Safewebkey as a log-in service.
2. One Username and one Password for all websites using Safewebkey. So you don't have to remember multiple credentials.
3. OTP is generated in the Safewebkey mobile app, and it works offline meaning it does not rely on Internet and Indian phone connection.
4. Safewebkey can be used outside of India to login to Indian websites.
5. Website owners will know the exact identity of the user and can thus eliminate fraud. Safewebkey is easy to integrate and the concept is cost efficient too.

By integrating Safewebkey, Allindiabazaar is taking the first step to ensure safer online transactions.

Of course, Allindiabazaar does know that integrating Safewebkey is not going to solve the problem of seller and buyer fraud, but is the first step on the way. Even though it is a long and tiresome road, Allindiabazaar is willing to the be the first-mover.
Of course, the hope is that Allindiabazaar will be joined in the fight against online fraud, by many other commercial and financial websites.

Please visit Allindiabazaar, Safewebkey or call us at 0 124 4227149 for additional information

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